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Get all the thought leadership, top-of-the-funnel, and marketing video you need... in just 60 minutes!

Thought Leadership Ninja, created by Expert Content Pros, helps entrepreneurs, business owners, and other professionals create up to a month's worth of difference-making expert content – in 60 minutes.Whether it’s thought leadership video content for your website or social media channels, marketing clips to promote your new book, or videos to showcase your services, we’ve got you covered!

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Expert Interviews

Whether it's your first interview or your 100th, you're going to get the help you need every step of the way.

100% Done For You

Prepare (we'll help you with that), show up for the recording session and have fun and engaging conversations. We'll take care of the rest!

Tailored Content

You’ll receive expert content branded and optimized for your website, social media channels, landing pages, prospecting emails, and anything else you need.

How It Works


We Strategize

Together, we’ll create a strategy for producing videos designed to engage and educate your audience.And you’ll also get guidance on gear (microphone, web cam, lighting) and how to arrange the perfect place to record.

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We Record

It's now time to meet for our recording session!Since we’ve done the prep, all you need to do is show up, be yourself, and have a great conversation!With our 10+ years of experience and thousands of interviews conducted (including with New York Times bestselling authors, top entrepreneurs, and Grammy Award-winning artists), we'll ensure that you have a unique experience.We’re here to not just interview you but to guide you every step of the way and to help you have fun!


We Edit (You're Done!)

We’ll take it from here, editing the recording and turning it into video clips with captions, animations, and cool effects that will keep your audience engaged and make your message stand out!

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You Get the Content

When the content is ready, we’ll send it for your review and feedback.We’ll make edits as needed and send you the finished clips (as well as the raw footage, if you'd like to have it)!


Say It With Your Content!

Now you can use your expert content on your website, social channels, email outreach, and any other way that will help you…And, if you’re interested, we can work with you to create a personalized content publication and distribution plan to maximize its impact.Oh, and if you’d rather avoid the hassle of uploading, scheduling, and publishing your content, we can do it for you!

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Words From (Very) Happy Clients

Patricia Skalka

Award-winning author of the Dave Cubiak Door County mystery series

“I've watched the videos a number of times and am absolutely thrilled by the work you've done!So much good material here and I intend to use all of the videos in some fashion to promote the series.”

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Andrew MacIntosh

Founder, 1st Gen Entrepreneurs

“I just show up and have a conversation and now I’ve got all these good clips that come from it that I can incorporate in these different areas of my social media strategy.So for me, it’s a big time saver and helps relieve the stress of being on a content treadmill.”

Lance DaSilva

Realtor, Century 21 Scheetz

“I’ve already noticed in a short time that by posting the clips on my YouTube channel and on my social media platforms, when I Google my name, I see all this relevant content come up.It’s super good for my business!”

About Your Expert Content Pros

Jeremy Shere

Jeremy is an award-winning journalist, podcaster, and professional interviewer who’s produced 700+ podcast episodes, including over 500 interviews with authors, scientists, educators, and business leaders.In 2011 he published the book Renewable: The World-Changing Power of Alternative Energy – a history and exploration of renewable energy, with St. Martins Press.In Deep, a song that Jeremy wrote, was featured in the 2011 Disney movie Prom.

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Yann Ilunga

Yann is a polyglot consultant, podcaster, and international speaker.A communication expert and former journalist, he has published more than 400 podcast episodes (since 2014), including interview with New York Times bestselling authors, top entrepreneurs, and Grammy Award-winning artists.His insights have been featured on sites like Forbes (which dubbed Yann 'Podcasting Advocate'), Entrepreneur, and Inc. (that wrote that he's one of the 'Undisputed Unicorn-Level Leaders' in digital marketing).

Tailored Plans

Whether you need video to enhance your website, showcase your expertise, or more authentically connect with prospects and clients, we have a plan for you.

All Plans Include

  • 1 x Recording prep coaching session

  • 1 x round of revisions

  • 1 x interview/recording session (up to 60 minutes)

  • Access to full, unedited video and audio files


This plan is best if you’re just getting started with video and want to give it a try.Get video for one or more pages of your website, to share on social media, or to engage prospects and customers in your outbound marketing campaigns.– This plan includes 4 VIDEOS –


Or save with a MONTHLY PLAN (for a minimum of 3 consecutive months)

$999 $919


You’ve seen what the power of video can do, and you want more!This plan will give you enough video content to add to multiple website pages, post weekly or bi-weekly on social media, or run a multi-week campaign to promote the launch of a new book, product, or service.– This plan includes 8 VIDEOS


Or save with a MONTHLY PLAN (for a minimum of 3 consecutive months)

$1,700 $1,564


If you’re all in on video, this is the plan for you!You’ll get enough content to upgrade your website, run multi-channel content marketing campaigns, send video messages to clients and prospects, and much more!– This plan includes 12 VIDEOS


Or save with a MONTHLY PLAN (for a minimum of 3 consecutive months)

$2,400 $2,208

Need help picking the right plan for you?

Want More?

Here are at Expert Content Pros, we're dedicated to helping individual professionals, leaders, and companies leverage video for thought leadership, marketing, and prospecting.
And we do that through Thought Leadership Ninja, as well as two other services: Prospecting Ninja and Endorsement Ninja.

Expert Content Pros
Expert Content Pros

Did you know that leveraging strategic video in your prospecting can lead to more conversations and replies, more appointments, and more sales?
With Prospecting Ninja, we assist you in crafting video content that takes your human-to-human interactions through the roof and gets people's attention – making it the perfect ice-breaker in the noisy online business world.
We coach you on over 10+ types of videos you can use, we produce them and help you craft a prospecting campaign you can plug them into.

Expert Content Pros

Capture your clients' experience in video form… without the hassle! You choose your customers, we'll do everything else: interview, record and produce high-quality video endorsements.The only thing you'll have to do is sit back and, when it's time, wow your prospects and current clients with the video testimonials you'll receive.
And if you're looking for even more impact, we can help you through our so-called Micro Case Study videos.

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